My first internship was with Larson-Juhl, a picture frame molding manufacturer based in Norcross, GA. Although this was labeled a “Marketing Internship,” it was so much more. In reality, I worked with marketing, public relations, and communication.

I absolutely loved my two summers at LJ. The company culture was warm and inviting, the work was enjoyable, and I received a lot of hands-on experience. Now I understand when people say you learn more from a single internship than from a whole semester of classes.

During my internship, LJ was finalizing the new “Gallery Moments” product line. Part of this launch was designing the website. To prepare for the actual creation, I created this mockup for the team to reference and perfect.

Larson-Juhl has made a company promise to global sustainability. To further this movement, they have created a line of “forest-friendly” frames. I was tasked with creating promotional materials for this line.

Larson-Juhl sends out a monthly newsletter internally to boost morale, keep employees in the know, and introduce new hires. During my internship, the LJ Skim became my responsibility. Each month, I designed the newsletter, gathered content, and sent it out.

In efforts to expand their marketing, my team wanted me to create these mini “postcards” that could be used digitally, on the website or social media, and also could be printed to give out at various of our customers’ frame shops.