What is New Media??? I had the same question when contemplating even joining the certificate program. Thank goodness I took the leap into the junkie tech world.

The New Media Certificate is exploring the ever-changing technology sector. First, you learn the basics of how we got to the innovative society we are currently apart of, journeying through the beginning of newspaper creation to the current coding world. After learning the foundation of new media, certificate students then take a variety of classes including hands-on coding classes as well as, what I like to call, “adulting 101” or basically “how to be prepared for life after college.”

They say that your major is what you believe you can spend the rest of your life sitting behind a desk (or out in the field) doing. Then your minor (or rather certificate in this case) is what you truly enjoy doing. What makes the sleepless nights and stressful work worth it. Now I’m not saying I don’t love Public Relations, because I absolutely do, but the New Media Certificate perfectly complements that degree while also fulfilling my creative needs.

View some of my technical work from my New Media Production class.